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sitc poverty alleviation aid longfen primary school comprehensive teaching building project broke ground

recently, the comprehensive teaching building of longfen primary school, a poverty alleviation project of shanghai frontier inspection station of national immigration administration aided by sitc international poverty alleviation project, broke the old wooden building has been demolished, and a comprehensive teaching building with a height of 15 meters, a building area of 674 square meters, four floors above the ground and one floor below the ground has been built.

go deep into poverty-stricken villages, help the poor, and assist longfen primary school in fulu township, sanjiang county, liuzhou city, guangxi province to improve relevant teaching facilities and conditions, this is one of the measures taken by sitc to bear the burden for the society. in order to explore the way of rural revitalization and sustainable development, sitc has never relaxed, stopped or slacked, contributing to the implementation of rural revitalization strategy.